Criterion Equipment Refurbishment Service

Criterion Equipment’s service to its diverse customer base includes a refurbishment facility that restores an existing TCM forklift truck to the manufacturer’s stringent specifications.

“Criterion Equipment’s national workshop facilities, which stock original TCM replacement parts, are equipped with the latest equipment to guarantee every re-furbished machine adheres to original manufacturing standards,” says Brenton Kemp, managing director of Criterion Equipment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Due to the current economic strain, the refurbishment of an existing machine or fleet, offers a more affordable alternative to purchasing new equipment and enables users to extend the life of existing machines by a few years.

“The company’s refurbishment service – which encompasses cosmetic overhauls and general maintenance and repairs – ensures optimum performance, enhanced safety, low maintenance and extended service life of every TCM machine.”

Criterion Equipment’s workshops, which are manned by a highly skilled team, are able to completely refurbish an existing machine according to TCM specifications and also adhere to industry specific customisations for standards in diverse applications, including mining, refineries and furnace installations.

These workshops, which only use accredited outwork service providers, offer a scope of services which include stripping; sand blasting, crack testing and repair to the chassis; as well as the overhaul and fitting of transmission.

This service also includes rewiring, the fitment of new hydraulic hoses, a new or service exchange engine, the overhaul of brakes and masts and the recondition of hydraulic cylinders and steering axles.

Customisations for specific applications, like dust proofing and fire retardance, are adhered to. Other services include priming and respraying and the fitment of decals and new tyres.

Repair or recondition is also carried out on individual components like masts, transmissions, axles and engines.

The Isando branch specialises in customised builds that include specialised cabs, enclosures and stoker arms.

Fitment of specialised forklift management equipment is also provided. This includes engine protection systems, transmission control systems, battery isolators and centralised greasing systems.

Criterion Equipment’s service also includes a national field services facility which provides assistance during breakdowns, the repair and maintenance of hire machines and maintenance contracts.

The company also offers a service to deliver and collect machines, particularly in the short term hire business.

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For further information Brenton Kemp, Managing Director, Criterion Equipment (Pty) Ltd

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