The FB-VIII series

The TCM range of forklift trucks, available exclusively in Southern Africa from Criterion Equipment, includes the FB-VIII electric counterbalanced series, with advanced design features for enhanced performance.

“The FB-VIII series – a Class 1 sit-down rider type – has been developed for lower power consumption than previous models and for extended periods of operation between battery charges. This significantly improves productivity and enhances the environmentally-friendly features of these machines,” says Brenton Kemp, managing director of Criterion Equipment, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Other benefits of these electric forklift trucks include greater controllability of the vehicle, improved safety, minimal maintenance requirements and enhanced operator comfort.”

This FB-VIII series is available in a wide range of robust units, each with a 500 mm load centre. The smallest machine has a maximum load capacity of 1 000 kg and the largest unit’s maximum capacity is 3 500 kg.

Design features include a fully hydraulic Orbitrol power steering as standard and an easy to read multi-function LCD panel which indicates power consumption and remaining battery time before the vehicle needs a re-charge.

These forklift trucks can achieve an eight and a half hour battery run time (in economy mode) on a single charge by using a highly efficient AC drive motor that draws less current than other forklift trucks. AC motors are used for both the drive and lift systems to ensure greater controllability of the vehicle and low maintenance requirements.

Regenerative braking also increases energy saving during materials handling operations. Efficient recovery of braking energy is attained by three types of regeneration – braking, accelerator-off and switch back. The reduced switch back time and distance minimises operator fatigue.

An auto power-off facility automatically turns off the power when the operator’s seat is justify vacant or when no operation is performed over a set time period. This eliminates wasteful consumption of battery current and also prevents accidents when the operator gets back on the truck.

There are three power output modes available – economy (E), power (P) and super mode (S) – to meet specific load handling requirements and to also improve economy and productivity. In super mode, these forklift trucks can travel at a maximum speed of 16,0 km/h without a load.

The compact truck body, with a minimum turning radius of 1 800 mm, improves work efficiency, particularly in narrow aisles of a warehouse.

Optional attachments for various tasks include fork extension sleeves, fork positioners, load grabs, rotating forks and wide view masts. An optional fork positioning laser unit helps the operator check the fork height and enables safe and easy insertion of the forks into the opening of the pallet. This feature is particularly useful for stacking or unstacking loads in high locations and for handling loads in dark areas.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment offer enhanced comfort and greater controllability. In cases where operators need to get on and off the truck frequently – particularly in warehouse applications – the low floor and wide step design, significantly reduce operator fatigue.

These forklifts, with a wide-view mast, have been designed for optimum safety during operation in any environment. The steering wheel angle is fully adjustable which means more efficient steering, with less fatigue. The angle adjustable safety seat with side supports offers greater protection and also contributes to reduced fatigue.

Front and rear lights, as well as turn signal switches, with an auto return mechanism, enhance safety of these machines. Other safety features include an anti-rollback system, a speed limiter and an optional load meter that prevents overloading.

The FB-VIII series has a battery compartment, with a damper, that opens fully for quick and easy maintenance access. Drive and hydraulic motor controllers, with enhanced dust and water resistance, are also easily accessible.

Criterion Equipment, which has been the sole distributor of TCM forklift trucks in South Africa for over 45 years, offers a national technical advisory, spare parts, repair and maintenance service.

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Brenton Kemp, Managing Director, Criterion Equipment, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited

Telephone            011-966-9700



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