Why Criterion Equipment is your best supplier for forklift trucks 

Are you looking for durable and rugged forklift trucks in South and Southern Africa? Do you need a reliable team of professionals to assist you with your forklift truck requirements? 

You don’t have to look any further! Criterion Equipment is a dependable partner that can help your business reach its goals. 

Criterion Equipment is your partner for TCM forklift purchases and rentals 

If your business requires forklift trucks, Criterion Equipment will be able to provide you with quality machines and reliable service within South and Southern Africa. 

We supply new and used TCM forklift trucks to local businesses that require premium products at competitive prices. We also have a large rental fleet for those who prefer to rent their equipment.   

This article breaks down our products and services and discuss our unique material handling solutions for your business.   

Products and services perfect for local conditions 

At Criterion Equipment, we offer a range of TCM forklift truck products and services that will suit any business requirements.  

When it comes to finding the ideal forklift, you must ensure that it meets specific criteria – the priority being the safety of operators and others on site.  

Criterion Equipment established a health & safety and quality management system in accordance with TUV and ISO 9001 standards, enabling it to deliver products and services with a high standard of excellence.  

TCM forklift trucks are primarily manufactured in Japan with certain models being produced in Thailand, Spain and China. All equipment is produced according to stringent ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified management systems, resulting in TCM forklifts being sturdy and highly durable. TCM products have an excellent reputation among users for manoeuvrability and reliability and also command some of the highest resale values in the industry. 

Our new equipment range includes selected models of Internal combustion counterbalance forklift trucks, Electric counterbalance forklift trucks and specialised warehouse material handling equipment. Criterion Equipment specializes in customizing equipment for industries such as mining, beverages, cold storage, flameproofing and other customer specific requirements. It offers tailor-made in-house finance options on all new equipment purchased and all refurbished equipment is restored to factory standard specifications. 

We have over 600 forklift trucks available in our short-term rental fleet. Long term rentals, which include tailored maintenance contracts, range from 36 to 60 month finance periods. A full range of material handling equipment is available for daily, weekly and monthly rental at competitive rates, offering delivery and collection services. 

Criterion Equipment ensures exceptional availability in respect of OEM and aftermarket forklift parts, also offering 24/7 standby support for customer emergencies. 

Fully fledged workshops maintain the rental fleet and cater for forklift rebuilds and refurbishments on site. Experienced field service teams are responsible for maintenance, repairs and service of equipment in the field. In-house training, using the OEM’s STEP training program as well as ongoing product training, ensures that technicians perform their duties at the highest standard.  

Our dedicated team of experts will provide sound advice for your business and guide you though the process, offering professional and ethical support throughout.  

Forklift trucks are an essential type of machinery for many businesses across various industries.   

Criterion Equipment has over 50 years of experience working with local companies across all sectors and industries and will provide you with expert support and solutions.   

Meet our durable range of TCM  forklift trucks 

Criterion Equipment is the sole distributor of TCM forklift trucks, and its range of Internal Combustion counterbalance forklift trucks include the iNOMA FD/FG 1.8-3.5ton range, the T5C FD/FG 2.5-3ton range, the medium duty FD/FG 4-10ton range and the heavy duty 12-23ton range 

The recently introduced T5C range include the 2,5 T and 3 T forklift trucks which are easier to maneuver, offer increased safety, and are more comfortable while operating.  

The forklifts have excellent balance and stability, which ensures that they are solid on the ground and move swiftly, with no mishaps and effective operation and hauling of heavier loads.  

The forklifts have increased visibility features that enable operators to see clearly both behind, in front, and to all sides at all times to ensure their safety and that of those around them.  

The machines feature a 44kW diesel engine which is optimal for strength to lift heavy loads while also moving swiftly and safely.  

The forklift also moves smoothly so that there are no rumbles and vibrations reducing operator fatigue.  

The forklift’s cooling system is a critical feature that ensures that the engine does not overheat from prolonged use or external factors like extreme sunlight, heat, or humidity.  

Your Local Partner 

Criterion Equipment offers a range of the highest quality forklift trucks to meet your business needs and beyond.  

We provide the highest level of customer service, along with our vast fleet of machines that you can either buy or rent.  

Over and above this, we can also assist with maintenance and repairs and spare parts so that your machine is covered from beginning to end.  

With us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality of forklifts – we pride ourselves on what we offer and our excellent customer service. 

If you want a partner who understands the harsh local working conditions and need a forklift truck that lasts, the choice is easy – Criterion Equipment and TCM forklift trucks. 

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