1.5 TON – 3.5 TON

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Incorporating advanced technology, all models in this range are equipped with a steering synchronizer, offering operators the distinct advantage of seamlessly utilizing both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic steering. This innovative feature guarantees effortless straight travel by maintaining a consistent steering knob position in relation to the rear wheels. Other standard features include a full suspension safety seat with belt and seat switch, a double-action parking brake lever, an anti-corrosion radiator, and a floating power train.

Finance Options

Outright Purchase

Customer purchases equipment cash or alternatively finances the equipment utilizing its own banking facilities.

Operating Lease – No Ownership

Criterion Equipment finances the rental of the equipment, where the customer enjoys use of such, including a full maintenance contract for the duration of the rental. Criterion Equipment retains ownership of the equipment, following the initial rental period.

Outright Purchase

Finance lease option commonly referred to as Rent to own with full maintenance contract included. Once all obligations of the finance lease are met, the customer retains ownership of the equipment.